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The Geek Game Character Class Quiz

By Joshua Tanenbaum

IAT-800 Final Project, December 2006

jtanenba [at] sfu [dot] ca

The Geek Game is a geek culture themed pen-and-paper RPG along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. However, where traditional RPGs draw on the conventions of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, the Geek Game instead draws on the popular cultural (and sub-cultural) trends surrounding these genres.

A quick search for the definition of the term Geek reveals several unifying concepts that underlie all of the conflicting formulations of Geek in current culture. Geeks have a significant relationship to technology in general, and to computers in particular. Geeks are knowledgeble, obsessive, imaginative, and often socially limited by their unhealthy level of fixation with whatever has captured their interest.

The Geek Game uses this as a jumping off point. We ask the question: What happens when people become that things that they obsess over? Is someone who spends all day fantisizing about super-heroes content to simply read about these things? Is the obsessive player of games going to settle for less interesting experiences in their "real life"? The characters in the Geek Game are archetypal realizations of that ultimate geek transform the objects of their fantasies into their reality.

The world of the Geek Game is a strange, yet familiar, place. All of the conspiracy theories that you've heard about are true...all of the things that go bump in the night are out there, waiting to be discovered. However, it is threatened by many forces who wish to impose total control on its inhabitants, whether they be the evil Westcester Inc, the mysterious Cult of Losimon, or the alien Eridani. The world needs geeks who are willing to fight for the freedom to keep the planet strange. This fight may take the form of political machinations, corporate espionage, VR standoffs between hackers, fantastic space battles, psychic conflicts, tension filled academic conferences, archological expeditions, and many other--stranger--venues.

So which Geek are you? Take the Quiz and find out...

Possible Class results include: The Net Geek, The Code Munkey, The Comic Book Geek, The Faire Fighter, The Gamer Geek, The Theater Geek, The Techie, The Scientist, The Culture Whore, The Academic, and The Geek of All Trades.

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